Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome to Pacific Arabian's Blog!!

I am going to try out a new thing here and put the updates and pictures of our events in a blog! It won't be an every day sort of thing but I'll update it as much as possible.

We tried a packing trip last weekend but the storm blew in worse than we were expecting so turned around when the snow started piling up (it was only susposed to rain!!). We rode about 10 miles, then decided to go hang out by the fire instead... 

Before the trip, Girlie being a dork... I think she decided her feet were frozen to the ground for awhile... Thought we were going to have to go rescue her... And she came from snow country!! At least it was only about a foot deep, down from four and a half feet deep a few weeks ago, she would have gotten really stuck in that!!

Zeta checking out the snow... As far as I know this was her first time in real snow. She was fairly indifferent to the whole situation.

The weather was fine, for a little while...  Riding back there was a 1/4" of snow accumulated and it was coming in sideways. We  didn't bother getting pictures, it wasn't pretty... Really... I promise!!!

And that's it for pics for that trip, turned really nasty shortly after so we didn't hit any good scenery.We will give it another go soon, hopefully this weekend if the weather is better... I promise better pictures when we do make it!!