Monday, November 24, 2008

Bear Hunting!

Last weekend we went Bear hunting, I got a preally pretty dark red bear, she was 240lbs (gutted) with lots of fat! We aren't even half done rendering the fat off of her and we already have just shy of 3 gallons of grease. We will be eating good this winter! I have already made bear spaghetti and Jarrett made some fry meat, Yummy!!! She was a little mean though, came within 10 ft of Jarrett and Jason and swatted at them (I ended up a bit downhill of the action and couldn't get into it quite fast enough), and ended up beating on one of Jarrett's dogs giving her 2 broken and 3 cracked ribs. She is recovering well, though she will be out for the rest of the season. I will put up pictures when I get to highspeed, just didn't have time when I was in town last week.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Winter is coming!

Wow, it has been a few weeks since I have been able to post! I notice a lot of people checking in for updates.... SORRY!! Between icky weather (we have been getting snow already) , finishing all that we have left to do before winter, and only having dial-up internet in the mountains I have been slacking. But here goes an update: Jarrett's cousin asked for some help gathering cows so we have been camping out in some nasty weather for the last 5 days! But in spite of the snow, rain and cold it has been so much fun!This little guy was discovered while clearing a log out of the road on the way to the start of the ride on Saturday, he was quite mellow and hung out on my finger for awhile. This is on Saturday, I didn't get to ride since we had the boys, I hung out at the trailers and played with them while everyone else hunted cows.This was a small batch, they are headed up to the holding pasture.
The boys being hams!

Then it decided to storm! This is on top of South Fork Ridge, on Blake Mountain heading back to camp. We only got a few inches of snow, then it rained all day Sunday.

So we went sledding! I had been out helping find firewood and came back to this, and got drug in to try it out... This was the hill right out of camp, it was nice and muddy, and yeah, it was fun! It led to some good wrecks.

Monday I got to finally go, this was at the start of the trail, which was way overgrown so the boys took chainsaws to it, while we started a fire and watched the horses. They got a good chunk of trail clear but we still had to do the next section on foot as the brush was so thick we were almost crawling through it.

Later in the day, after we found some cows & headed for the holding pasture. I didn't get pics of most of the country, it is some nasty rough ground and there is no time to mess with the camera! I rode Bounce and she did stellar, she loves the cows and is incredibly surefooted. She impressed me a lot this weekend.
Putting some cows back in the holding pasture, some of the little black dots are cows... some are horses... As usual, click on any of the pics to make them bigger. And yeah, it really is that steep! I had just gotten done riding up it once, then went back down to help get another group of cows, then right back up it again.
That's it for this week!