Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bear Hunting, Draft Horses and Gathering Cows

Well, lots of pics to post since it has been forever since I've put anything up... We've been to busy and I've just been to tired!

Last Month we helped Jarrett's cousin gather his cows off South Fork Mountain. Honery cows plus some nasty country made for some good riding!

Actually cooperating and heading down the trail pretty well for a few minutes.

Driving them down through some big openings.

A small idea of how steep the country is. And this was a really nice easy hill with no brush on it.

Then we had a Draft Horse Club meeting in Corning, went for a drive around the neighborhood at the end.

Snow finally hit last weekend, we got about an inch at the house. This is looking out over Ruth Lake on the way to go bear hunting.

Bear tracks headed down the road. Snow makes finding them a bit easier!

About 200lbs.
A bear we had bayed up. The dogs got to get in and work on it pretty good, and we got in to take some good pictures after a while. We also got to see it cross the road in front of us up on top of the ridge a bit earlier.

Bruisie leaving in a hurry, he already had his tail chewed on once a few minutes before!

Stella didn't get away quick enough and got a hole in her nose. Next time she will hopefully play with the other end of the bear!