Sunday, April 26, 2009

SFJ Pics

Phone is working, so here are the pics!

A nice little high hitch wagon getting auctioned.

Some of the vehicles waiting to come through.

Another wagon going through. 

We stopped here on our way through; a really neat, really deep gorge! 

The boys went for a ride on Heidi today!

Heidi getting her umm... belly scratched. She is actually holding her leg up herself so I can scratch far enough back. She will be heading home in a little over a week, she is starting to bag up and change her shape pretty drastically so we decided she should head back early in case she took on one of her earlier breedings and is going to foal soon than expected.  Her mom really wants her to have the baby at home, and it looks like I will have plenty of foal fun of my own up here this year anyhow!

Jarrett brought Black and Renae home last week.

Renae is horribly fat, but her belly is a bit suspicious looking too... 

Especially from the front... She would be at most 246 days along. 

Black and Rae playing.

This is Nomad, the new horse that Jarrett just picked up. 

Friday, April 24, 2009

SFJ Auction

I have to hold off on pics for a few days, our phone lines are out at home. We made it to the auction in Madras. Jason had a family emergency so couldn't go so instead I got done with my class Friday at 5:30pm in Santa Rosa, drove home, picked up Jarrett and the boys and headed right back out for Madras. We drove all night and got there about 8:30 in the morning on Saturday. One of the wonderful people there at the auction bid for us on Friday since we couldn't make it, and we got a great set of steel running gear to build a wagon on, but we are going to put a removable deck on it so we can use it as a log hauler too. We got a few other things too so it was a great success. On our way home we spent the night in Klamath Falls and went to look at a horse in Bly the next morning. Jarrett is on his way back to pick him up right now, he will be staying with us for a few months for a bit more training then is going to one of Jarrett's friends. He is really well broke, I rode him bareback in a halter when we went to look at him, but Jarrett's friend wants to be able to take him hunting and shoot off of him, so we will just have to make sure he is gun broke. Still not sure on the suprise, haven't had much in the way of change there so I dunno... could still happen, or not. I'd prefer not!
Black and Renae came home last week also, I'm hoping Rae is pregnant so they will be staying up here so I can keep a close eye on her. She shouldn't be due until July or later. She was pastured with Black so I don't have an exact date. So pics will come as soon as our phones are back up! Sorry!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Upcoming events

Sorry I haven't been posting, I see everyone has been checking in. We had a bad tradedy here in the valley 2 weeks ago and have been helping everyone through it so we haven't been doing anything with the horses. This weekend Jarrett and Jason are headed to Oregon for the Small Farmers Journal Auction, they have some stuff to buy. Unfortunately I have to head south for training for work, but we are going to try and meet up and head over to the Draft club meeting on Saturday, it was postponed a week. It is a day long wagon train out in Paskenta again so we are really hoping to make that all work. So look for pics next week!