Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lots of time with the BIG horses!

(Mayah getting her Butt scratched, her most favorite thing in the world!!)

Ok, finally made it to high-speed with a few minutes to spare!! We have been busy with a burst of beautiful weather, almost all of our snow has melted and it has been warm and pretty! Not a cloud in the sky most days. We started the vacation by heading over to Corning for the draft horse meeting. It was excellent, we learned a lot and all of the members are incredibly friendly and do everything to make us feel like we have been long time members & friends. I didn't get many pics we were so busy, nothing really to even put up. There were about 8 teams that people brought all hitched & driving, quite a sight to see. I got to take a ride with Prince & Max again too.

Then our other highlight has been Hannah, we have been hitching her to the sled a lot and working her. We have been using her to feed the other horses almost every night, we modified the sled with sides so we can pile hay in it (we are feeding 1200 lb bales so we just flake some off the bale into the sled instead of moving the whole bale) and then we fork it out through the field as she pulls it. We are looking for another horse to start teaming her with (I get to meet a pretty girl tomorrow morning that may come stay with us for awhile). Mayah may be HUGE but she is still to young to really start working hard. She will be ground driving and pulling light stuff this year. We hope to put up some hay (from tilling and planting all the way through mowing, raking and baling) using the horses this year and that would be way too much work for her as a 2 year old. (For those who don't know we sadly lost Holly the day after Christmas. We both took it very hard and are still quite upset. Losing one is definitely the worst part of having horses.) Anyhow, Hannah has been doing beautifully, we need to finish the cart so we can put her on wheels, she is definitely ready. Ok, I just put all the pics from this week on my flickr account, it is easier that way... They can be found here.