Monday, October 20, 2008

A Birthday Weekend

We had a very busy weekend,  we celebrated Hyram's Birthday!

Getting ready to blow out his candles!

Dad got him a rocket, both of the boys absolutely loved it! They took turns launching it both Saturday and Sunday. 

They kept trying to catch it on the way down! Good thing it had a parachute...

Supervising to make sure Dad hooks it up right!!

CJ shooting his rifle that he got for his birthday. That is the cutest little rifle, it is so tiny! And is really fun to shoot!

Lisa, Johnathan and Becca came out so Hannah gave sled rides, she was a perfect girl!

It was late and I couldn't find her lines so I had to drive her from the side with a set of riding reins, but she did just fine! 

I took old Serina for an outing on Friday after I got done trimming her feet...  She likes to go!

Sunday we took the boys riding, Serina was a champ as usual... Hyram about launched himself onto us right after the pic...

And of course she had to look extra cute for her pic with him!

Bounce didn't want to pose for their pic... CJ did though!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A quick update

No pics this week, we didn't do much with the horses and I left the camera in the mountains, so the few pics I got will have to wait. Mostly they are of an Alligator Lizard that decided to take up residence in the bathroom. Friday I had to work so we lost that day, Saturday I just worked with Bassira and trimmed some Hooves while Jarrett finished up some leather cuffs that were ordered for someones Halloween costume, they came out really nice. Then Sunday we spent the day helping one of Jarrett's cousins frame a house. Hopefully this weekend we will saddle up and get out to ride, but who knows, we have a million things left to do before the bad weather starts and Jarrett will probably be heading to Redding for some work real soon, so if we have to buckle down and work all weekend we will. We have to build another barn for the horses, build a shed for our wagon, do some work on Black's run-in, redo the steps on the big barn, possibly finish framing in the porch on the house and turn it into another small room, & cut firewood for the winter. Yay

Monday, October 6, 2008

A few pics

Sorry I didn't update last week, we didn't do much that was picture worthy. We have some personal stuff going on that has been taking a bunch of preparation so haven't had much horse time the last 2 weeks, but here are a few pics!

So Holly figured out a new trick! Hannah likes to back up the the water trough and bump it with her hind feet to make noise, well Holly decided to get in the trough! She thought that was just wonderful, and stood there for a good 5 minutes, just until I found the camera, put batteries in it, and got back outside...And then of course Girlie had to get in the way. But you can see her behind stepping out of the trough, and Hannah studying her technique for future mayhem plans.

Dinner! Finally got to do a little hunting. Now if we can get time to go after some deer...

Sunday we made cookies with the Boys, they had WAY too much fun!!

The icing attacked! 

Some early snowmen.... Just getting a head start for winter! But we made spiders, dinosaurs, and lots of other stuff too!