Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sugar & Spice

We just picked up two new girls on Tuesday, meet Sugar and Spice! These two lovely girls are purebred arabs, 8 and 14. Sugar is Spice's mom. We went for a little ride on the beach to see how things would go, they are both nice horses, though Spice will need a bit of work.

I'm on Sugar, Jarrett is on Spice, click on any of the pics for a larger view.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the basin again

I am gonna give this Blog a try. I am Jarrett so for a change you will actually get to see pics of Robin on this weeks blog. We went into the basin again this weekend. It is the opening weekend of bow season so we decided to take a hunt on the horses. We took a couple friends in with us. The trip started out kinda rough with the pack horses being stupid and I got bucked off in a pile of sticks. But it really turned into a good weekend.

Here is me and Jody each leading an extra horse. The girls followed in the pickup with the gear because the pack horses were acting up and being dumb.

Robin holding Bounce who packed alot of our gear down the last pull from the truck.

Me, Jody and Melissa out with the bows, Robin keeps a close hand on the camera.  

The trail into the basin

The trail down the river

Jody and Melissa going down a nice little steep spot

The waterfall at Dutchman creek

Robin trying to avoid the camera

The road out

Another of us heading home

Robin riding Bailey and leading Glory

Meilssa leading the pack

Jody looking a little sore

Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally, Rodeo weekend pics!

Ok, Finally the Rodeo pics! Even though we went riding tonight too, I will be horribly busy the next two nights, so figured I'd better get these up now. 

Shoeing Zeta before the Rodeo

Bailey, Zeta, and Glory

Bailey getting some finishing touches before she runs the barrels that afternoon.

Grand Entry for the Junior's Rodeo, Bailey and Bounce are the 2 to the Right of the Greys. They were both well behaved for the ceremony (click to enlarge), both acted like old pros and stood quiet .  

Bailey's Run

Bounce's Run, while not the fastest runs, it was both horses first time running in front of a crowd and they did wonderfully & ran clean, we couldn't have asked for more. 

I got to get some pictures from on top of the chutes, definately the best seat in the house! This is from the local bull riders' competition. Then I got to video tape the CCPRA riders that evening so that meant a complete unobstructed view...  Way cool!

We were feeling a bit evil, we padlocked Jason in his tent, collapsed the poles,  then gave him a chicken to hang out with. The chicken wasn't harmed , other than it has become a horribly needy chicken and sleeps on the dresser in a dog bed in the current owners house. Aparently it liked to cuddle...

Ok, then some of the fun that kept me from writing the blog last week, This is from Tues night at Redwood park. Bailey is such a good girl,  you really aren't susposed to do this on a green broke horse (but we aren't telling her that)!

We were accosted into a photo op on the Beach Monday night... 

Last weekend we took it easy but somehow managed to not get enough time to ride, but got the bows ready and sighted in for opening of bow season this upcoming weekend. We are planning on packing into the basin so look for pics of that next week. 

Friday, August 8, 2008


Sorry, but I ended up riding every day this week and just didn't get any pics up, and we are on dial-up up here so I will have to post all of the pics next week. I will get them up though! We got some good ones at the Rodeo, Bailey and Bounce both ran the barrels in the teenage division and did stellar for their first times. So check back next week, Mon night hopefully.