Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wagon train

We had a wonderful trip last Saturday on the wagon train with the Draft horse club. The weather cooperated and didn't rain, and I think we even saw the sun and some blue sky for about a minute! So it was a bit chilly but well worth it. We brought our wagon, and our Friends brought the Boys to pull it. We went in for lunch to a huge ranch that was kind enough to host us and had a big fire ready for us to warm up at. Our wagon worked perfect, and the wonderful gentleman we bought it from even rode with us on the way in. He and his wife (he's 89 and she is 91) used it for 4-5 wagon trains a year until last year when they decided that they just couldn't do that many anymore and wanted the wagon to go to someone who would make use of it, and we definately plan to! We have all kinds of trips planned for it this summer, from camping to bear hunting and some more wagon trains too hopefully!

Heading out...
Almost a group pic.
Trying to look like some steep ground.

Another group pic, we had to take a time out, an evener broke on the 4 up so we got some good group pics while they fixed it.
A 4 up of Shires pulling a stagecoach
Group pic at lunch
Unpacking at lunch
A clue to the suprise that we are about 95% sure of...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Checking in!

Winter came back for awhile, we have been having snow off and on so have just been working with Heidi, and are making a new harness for her so we can begin driving the girls as a team. This weekend we are heading over for a day long wagon train with the Draft Horse club, so I'll put up pictures of that next week! Otherwise, there should be another big suprise that I am predicting around the end of April, (I'm about 98% sure on it) so keep checking in on that too... Anyone want to guess what it is??