Friday, December 26, 2008


Ok, here's another post... since everyone has been checking in again! Lots of things for this time, starting with some Bear Hunting Pics.
At a bear tree (we turned this one loose, it was a little bear).
Stella taking a break, she really dosn't look comfy...
More laziness. Hard to believe these two would bite a bear.
Did some riding, I worked with Spice ('cause Shasta keeps stealing Bounce from me). She is going to make someone a good horse with a few more miles on her. She rides nice and smooth, just needs some confidence.
Heading home...
Then winter hit... We have been up to about a foot and a half of snow. We are sick of it already. (Temps have been down around 5 degrees at night and our water lines have been frozen for 2 weeks)
Even though it is pretty.
We headed to Sacramento for Christmas, and to get away from the snow. The boys were being too cute x-mas morning, even in their sleep.
Opening Presents...
And more presents. They had way too much fun!

That's it for now, I'll put more pics up when I can, though being winter and all I can't promise to take too many, especially with the snow limiting our riding. We are joining the Golden State Draft Horse & Mule Club but I didn't take pics at the last meeting (there were a few teams there but the meeting was mostly an informational indoor meeting), but I should get some this time so I'll put some of them up, and hopefully I'll be doing some more work with the big Girls now that we have some time, we hope to get Holly going good so we can go on a wagon train in April with them (they are trying to put on a 4 day trip), aparently the last one was a lot of fun.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bear Pics!! Finally!

Finally made it to real internet! So here are some pictures of the Great Bear Hunt...

The bear in the tree. She was just taking a quick breather and wasn't going to stay there long!

A couple of dogs treeing.

After the bear was dead the dogs got to go chew on it for awhile as a reward. (I didn't have the flash on so some of the pics are blurry, sorry)

My trophy pic! And Dink got in the pic too since he was the only dog that went all the way through and got her treed by himself! He's been the champ this season.

Gutting her.

Got a little Captian in you?

And another Trophy pic.

Hanging the bear to skin her.

We have been eating a lot of bear meat, can't get enough of it!
No other pics right now, we went to Redding for Thanksgiving, and went bear hunting again last weekend, caught a small bear, I have some good pics from that but didn't bring the camera down with me...Oops! So those will be for next time I get down here... As far as the horses, we finally went riding last weekend, just a short ride since our good saddles are at cow camp still, so I had to ride in the darn english saddle to try to go track down a bull and herd him home... We didn't find the right bull (found out he is on the other side of the valley...) but got to run from charging steer. Lots of fun in a postage stamp! And I am working with Spice to train her to drive, and will probably teach Sugar too. They are both for sale so that should help place them. I think that is all for this time, and I will update again when I can!