Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jacksonville, OR Jubilee week

Jacksonville Oregon asked Eureka fire department to bring their old horse drawn steam engine up for their celebration. We went along and helped out and had a blast!!  Here are a few pics...

Cadence posing with Dad while waiting for the parade to start

During the parade

Running the steamer

Spraying the kids. That stream is off only 2 hoses, the pump can run 4 that size. The crowd loved it, and the kids especially loved playing in the water to cool down. We all had a wonderful time and thank Jacksonville for inviting us and for being such wonderful hosts! They were amazing.

Jo caught Jarrett off guard and got a wonderful  picture!

And another one! She gets great shots of him!!!

Then Jarrett @ One of the EFD guys ended up doing the fireworks show for the Finale of the 10 day festival! Didn't get great pics though, it was dark!!

I have a lot more pics on the other camera that I don't have here at the moment, but when I get time this week I will put more pics up along with some from the Wildlife Safari where we went the next day! It was really neat and the boys got to ride camels... Just a great weekend all around!

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